Founding Partners Project Smartroof 2.0:

The founding partners worked over 2 years on the details enabling the realization of Project Smartroof 2.0. Initially planned on the rooftop of the ANDAZ Hotel, a location change had to be made due to permit related issues. A new home was found at Marineterrein Amsterdam. All parties involved recognize the importance, value and potential of Blue-Green roof systems whether it being for real estate value, biodiversity, rainwater management and re-use, building energy performance, urban resilience, human health or reduction of the urban heat island effect. All involved displayed endless patience and drive in the early stages of the project, refusing to let go of the idea, motivated by the vision that cities could be better place to live in, and should be. 


TKI Topsector Water

Topsector Water tackles water related challenges to increase human wellbeing. According to the golden triangle model innovative entrepreneurs are supported to build Dutch Innovation momentum, knowledge and experience to maintain and gain an international lead in water related affairs. 

Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam

Bureau Marineterrein Amsterdam is the organization which steers the area’s organic development. It is an independent organization that is commissioned by the Government of The Netherlands (Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and Ministry of Defence) and the Municipality of Amsterdam (‘Centrale Stad’ and Centrum district) to work on the future of the grounds.

Drain Products Europe BV

Drain Products Europe is a specialist in in water management in the urban environment. Their mission is to create a turnaround rainwater management. from nuisance to resource. Where reliability in water management is an importnat issue, Drain Products Europe has proven to be foundation of choice under Blue-Green systems for street lining trees, Blue-Green rooftops, sports and urban green.

KWR Watercycle Research Institute

In a water sensitive world KWR Water researches and develops the optimal design and realization of the water cycle with the Circular Economy as important motivator.

Ingenieursbureau Amsterdam

Het Ingenieursbureau is de partner binnen de gemeente op het gebied van inkoop, techniek en projectrealisatie in grond-, weg- en waterbouw met expertise op het gebied van civiele constructies, water en deltatechnologie, stedelijke inrichting en milieu, infrastructuur en verkeersadvies en project- en contractmanagement.



Waternet is het enige waterbedrijf in Nederland dat zorgt voor de hele waterkringloop. We zorgen voor veilig, schoon en voldoende water. In de natuur en om te drinken. Het Rainproof programma heeft als doel: Amsterdam bestand maken tegen de steeds vaker voorkomende hoosbuien. Sterker nog: we willen het gratis regenwater, dat nu afgevoerd wordt, beter benutten.

Aedes Real Estate

Aedes Real Estate richt zich op de herontwikkeling van complexe binnenstedelijke locaties. Nieuwe vitale plekken van internationaal niveau met een hoogwaardige belevingskwaliteit voor alle gebruikers, voor de omgeving en voor de samenleving.