Partners involved with the realization of Project Smartroof 2.0

Aside from the founding partners to support the concept and enable the project, a multifunctional roof such as Project Smartroof 2.0 cannot be realized without the cooperation of partners whom openly share knowledge, experience and products to create a project with the latest technology and know-how. The overview below summarizes all partners with a significant input in the creation of this project, with a link to their websites in the company name. 


Manufacturer and patent holder of the water drainage, storage and capillary irrigation system which is the basis under Project Smartroof 2.0.


Knowledge partner and supplier of everything which makes a roof a greenroof, from soil, to plants and edge detailing.


Supplier of the new building code approved fencing system mounted to the Permavoid drainage system, enabling visitors to safey access and view the roof.

SEL Environmental

Developper and manufacturer of Cloud Water Control, the system which automatically monitors and manages water levels and soil moisture content in the system. 


Construction of Smartroof 2.0.

Nova Silva

In order to provide the insight in current temperatures and soil moisture conditions, Nova Silva remotely reads the Sensoterra temperature sensors and Senseanywhere soil moisture probes to display data on their custom made on-line MESHURE Dashboard.

Urban Roofscapes

Project design and project management during construction and for maintenance. Specialist in drainage, irrigation, planting and sesor design for water sensitive urban green space design. 

SWD Systems

Specialist in sustainable water drainage sports systems, involved with the turf grass demonstration area.

JUB Holland

Supplier of specialty flower bulb mixes, specifically suited for green roofs.

Cruydt Hoeck

Supplier of mixed grasses and herbs seed mix D2 for biodiverse green roof applications.