Successful plantgrowth despite driest spring in decades!

Published on 1 June 2017 at 15:28

Construction of a garden during a dry spell. That’s not possible, right?

On June 1st 2017 the precipitation deficit already measures 100 mm. (Update: August 15th - 147 mm). Without any rain in weeks spring 2017 ranks with the top5% of dryest springs ever recorded.

DEhVl7CWAAEmjWJ-1.jpg neerslagtekort_verwachting.png

Yet all plants have rooted well and do not show any reduction in flowering. This is facilitated by the Permavoid draianage layer underneath the soil, in which water is always available for plantgrowth. Capillay fibre cylinders transport water from storage to the soil, 100% natura land 100% on-demand only, withut the use of pumps, hoses, valves or energy.


The same drainage and irrigation layer also performs and important function during the short but heavy downpoors we experienced after a long drought just last weekend. All rainwater is captured and stored on the roof: none of it reached the already overloaded sewer system. And the same clean and free rainwater can later be used for capillary plant irrigation! Zero carbon, Zero energy, Zero water wasted and Zero money!!

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